Recruitment training courses for managers

For managers, recruitment is one of the most important tasks. Getting proper training to be able to perform efficient and fair recruitments means managers are more likely to find the right person for their team, but also makes a recruitment easier and more fun. With the competence-based method, focus is on what is relevant to be successful in a given role, which also ensures working towards diversity and fair recruitments.

The recruitment school is practice-orientated and provides you with insight, tools and templates which immediately enable you to work more efficiently when recruiting.

We offer key points like

Open training: Half-day training course at our Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmo offices. Please check our calendar for available dates.

Tailored training courses: we adapt the training course in accordance with your values, tools and processes. We’d be pleased to help you produce tools and templates as needed.

As a part of a management training programme: For those of you who already have a management training programme or would like to establish one, we’d love to be your partners creating and implementing a module on recruitment.

The recruitment school works with business organizations ranging from large to small, as well as the public sector from local councils to government agencies. We’d be really pleased to provide more in a personal meeting with you.