Recruitment as a strategic tool

Sourcing candidates and supplying competence is seen by many businesses and organizations as business essential factors at the top of the agenda, for both Management and the HR Department. Being able to attract new staff with the right qualifications as well as keeping them on board and ensuring their development is viewed as crucial. High digitalization and globalization rates in the wider world mean an organization’s demands on competence may change quickly and even be intensified. As a result, the workload for those parts of the organization involved in recruiting – HR, Recruitment Department and/or recruiting managers – may grow rapidly and cause the need to hire an external recruiter to ensure the desirable recruitment pace.

Our recruiters

We work with a large number of recruiters with different levels of experience. What they all share is a genuine passion for recruitment, their knowledge of competence-based recruitment, a high degree of consultant proficiency, and a will to represent your brand in the best possible way before your future employees. Our recruiters provide experience from different industries and thereby contribute networks from wide a range of professional competences. Many of them are certified testing tool users and have relevant experience implementing them for recruitment purposes.

Your need

Sometimes, your need may be about getting a researcher to help you search for candidates on LinkedIn and other channels. At other times, it is about hiring a recruiter who will quickly take on their role and pursue their own recruitment processes from requirements profile to candidate presentation. You may also need to hire a senior recruiter to map your recruitment process, parallel to your operative recruitment plans, and make subsequent suggestions aimed at greater efficiency and other possible improvements. We would really love to help you do all this!