Designing for improved accuracy and experience

During a recruitment process your employer brand will be in the spotlight. The experience you create in each instance of contact with a candidate will impact not only on your ability to recruit on that particular occasion, but also on experiences of the entire brand in the long run. In a normal recruitment process, the majority of the candidates will not be invited to interview. However, they can still be left with an overall positive experience, if the process is managed in a well-thought-out way. Candidate experience does not just affect your brand as an employer, in the longer term it can also impact upon the company’s business success and profit. When you entrust us with the task of building a tailor-made recruitment processes, we will help you ensure a timely and high-quality way of working, and a more accurate method of attracting candidates, adapted to suit your target groups, all the while taking care to create a good candidate experience.

When we help you design a specially-adapted recruitment process for your company, we can focus on specific parts of the working process or the entire workflow. In the majority of cases, our work revolves around implementing improvements to achieve an even better result. We are always keen to create a common understanding of the significance of recruitment and in the views of those concerned on the importance of their work when it comes to the outcome and experience.

Our methods are based on our understanding of business and entrepreneurship, as well as well-substantiated research into HR and behavioral sciences. The more than 12,000 personal meetings we hold each year allow us to be ahead of the pack in spotting attraction and recruitment trends. We share these lessons and insight in all projects.

At Wise Professionals, in addition to recruitment specialists with in-depth knowledge of skills-based working practices, individual evaluations and assessments, we also count marketing and communication specialists among our staff.  We are specialists in both candidate attraction and recruitment, which means that we know a great deal about how to create appealing advertisements, as well as how to attract your target group using creative solutions that provide excellent results. Educating and training the members of staff involved in recruitment is a natural element in redesigning working processes, allowing improvements to be implemented in your everyday operations.

To start off with, we will measure your candidate experience using a selection of job seekers, to establish how you are perceived externally. We also carry out a simplified recruitment analysis to gain key figures on costs and time spent. We complement this input with target visions, business plans, brand promises and operating culture insight.

This may then result in us creating a brand-new process from scratch. Or it may lead to us selecting areas in which to create clearer requirement profiles, picking out accurate selection methods that ensure quality, developing appropriate models and bases, or selecting good testing tools that are well-suited to you and your target groups. And not least; educating and training the staff within your organization who are involved in recruitment. Best of all is that you can then measure the results and experiences constantly when it comes to your candidates, using the Candidate Experience Survey, an excellent tool for ongoing development work.