The candidate experience affects your business

Establishing a positive candidate experience does not require huge efforts, nor is it a great challenge, but the profits can be enormous. The experience you establish with candidates not only affects your ability to hire at a specific time, it also affects your results in terms of business performance. Candidates are consumers of your employer brand and the candidate experience affects their purchasing behavior. Of those who have a positive candidate experience, 76% can see themselves purchasing goods/services from the organization, whether if they got the job or not.

In an ordinary recruitment process, most candidates do not get to an actual interview. Nevertheless, they form an opinion about your employer brand. For example, 69% of the candidates in Sweden respond that they will no longer purchase from an organization where they had a negative experience as a job applicant. How do candidates experience your application process? Would they consider applying again at some time in the future, or would they attempt to dissuade their friends from applying for a position with you? We can assist in the improvement of your candidate experience along with providing you with the tools to work with Inbound Recruitment.

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How can we be of assistance to you?

Business Case Candidate Experience: We assist you in reviewing your candidates’ opinion and experience of you. Based on the results, we build a business case with specific actions and key figures (KPI:s) for continued work with recruitment and candidate experience.

In addition to identifying what needs to be developed, you will also receive useful materials that can be presented directly to the management team or board of directors to illustrate how the recruitment process and candidate experience directly affects your results in terms of business performance.

Inspiration Candidate Experience and Inbound Recruitment: Our personal experience is that the personnel department and recruiters often feel as much passion for the candidate experience as we do. On the other hand, however, it can sometimes be difficult to bring the rest of the organization along. Do you or your colleagues keep a sharp eye out for current developments within recruitment, Inbound Recruitment, attraction or the candidate experience? Do as the Red Cross, Regeringskansliet (Swedish Government Offices), the engineering and design company ÅF, Scania, and others do, and let us hold an inspiring presentation at your monthly meeting – or why not an upcoming kick-off?

Mystery Candidate: All contact areas that your organization has in relation to your candidates have an impact on your employer brand. We evaluate the stages in the recruitment process and identify possibilities for you to strengthen your employer brand, with the candidate experience in focus. As a foundation, we start out with parameters that are important for a positive candidate experience, in accordance with international and Swedish best practice.