Enhance your accuracy, candidate experience and recruitment process efficiency. Whether you want an objective applicant appraisal, accurate assessment, or efficient screening, we’ve got quality assured tools and methods readily adaptable to your specific needs. We make your recruitment work world class!

First Opinion 

Many applications and short on time? Does your recruitment process focus on personal qualities rather than candidate track record?

If so, let’s work together on the decisive, time-consuming and challenging initial part of the selection. Objective methods and quality assured tools enhance both accuracy and the candidate experience whilst saving you time and resources for your HR Department and your recruiting managers too. The outcome is a clear recommendation on how to move forward selecting your own candidates, based on true potential and objectivity. Such collaboration typically leads to an increased diversity of selected candidates.

When is a First Opinion useful for you?

  1. When dealing with large and time-consuming selections
  2. When personal qualities rather than candidate track record are crucial for the position
  3. When you risk not spotting the pearls in your selection process


Second Opinion  

Feel unsure during the final stage? Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the final candidate?

If yes, a Second Opinion can serve to verify and challenge your gut feeling. By using objective methods and testing tools, our applicant appraisal makes a vital contribution to your recruitment process while this collaboration provides you with input for introduction and development. We use quality assured testing tools to measure a candidate’s personal qualities and their capacity, we perform a competence-based interview and give the candidate comprehensive test-feedback. After that, you get our external point of view on your final candidate, in writing as well as verbally. The applicant is given a fair and professional appraisal, and you’re given solid input to make a well-informed decision.

Is your final candidate eligible for a management position?  When recruiting managers and assessing management potential, in addition to psychometric personality and performance tests, we recommend a test measuring destructive stress-related behaviours. Based on your needs, we adapt our set-up to make sure you get the most out of this collaboration.  We’d be truly pleased to tell you more.


When is a Second Opinion useful for you?

  1. When you want an objective and independent assessment of your final candidates
  2. When you want input for introduction and development efforts
  3. When undergoing organizational change entailing new demands on existing employees

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Leadership and Management skills assessment is an essential piece for us at Fortum to establish an overall picture of final candidates. In that effort, Wise Professionals is a strategically important partner to us. By understanding our business, our corporate culture and our values they’ve taken a crucial step from being a traditional provider to working as an integrated partner and may, as such, not only challenge us but also coach us all the way to successful recruitment.

Kajsa Mühlenfels, HR Business Partner, Fortum Sverige