Candidate Experience Award

At Wise Professionals, our vision is to constantly renew the view of recruitment and challenge a traditional industry.

We are convinced that candidate experience is a business-critical issue, which is why we have constituted an award to raise companies in Sweden whom are actively working to provide their candidates with a positive experience when applying for a job.

The first ever Nordic Candidate Experience Award was handed out at 9th of October 2017. The award went to Länsförsäkringar. Besides handing out the award, we also presented statistics and facts from the Swedish Candidate Experience survey made in cooperation with YouGov. You can read the full report here.

We were also honoured to have Kevin W. Grossman, President of Talent Board and internationally renowned expert within candidate experience, as key note speaker. He shared facts and insights from a global perspective of how candidate experience truly has an impact on business. He gave examples from successful companies like Lego, Pepsi and Adidas, of how they work to build ambassadors even among the candidates who does not get the job they applied for.

The result of the award is based on the NPS-survey conducted with our assistance. Do you wish to measure your candidate experience as of now, with the opportunity to improve your candidate experience, strengthen your business and compete to become the winner of the Candidate Experience award 2018? Fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Also, keep a lookout for updates on the up and coming Candidate Experience Award 2018!